How To Sell Australian Products in China Successfully: Choose A Cross-border E-Commerce Partner That Does It Right

The China online shopping landscape is ever changing, trends come and go and technology advances at the speed of light. To successfully sell to the Chinese online and meet their evolving demands we need to understand how they shop, what they value and what they want. Keeping abreast with the latest industry trends and gaining market insights we can offer a competitive solution and capitalize on the different strengths of our clients’ demographics, which allows us to grow their businesses in a sustainable manner.

Having a team that understands Australia-China trade and e-Commerce, coupled with the best partners and connections on the ground in China, we know how to export to China from Australia without being held up by government restrictions. This, together with our expertise in digital marketing, innovative e-Commerce systems and efficient distributing channels, makes us a top choice for Australian companies planning on selling to Chinese consumers online.

China cross-border e-Commerce sales

Australian products sold in China are becoming more popular by the day. An increasing number of Chinese shoppers are demanding high-quality, authentic products from market-leading countries like Australia. This, together with the Chinese government’s recent increase oncross-border e-Commerce purchase limits, presents Australian companies a host of opportunities to successfully break into the China online shopping market.

RooLife provides a complete cross-border solution for companies looking to sell to China online. Leveraging the spending power of more than 500 million Chinese online shoppers, we offer brands a complete end-to-end e-Commerce solution, including a fully operated and managed eStore, easy cross-border payments and convenient shipping solutions.

You don’t need to be an expert on how to set up an e-Commerce store abroad or deal with any nitty-gritties to tap into the Chinese online shoppers market. Simply get on board with RooLife and immediately start selling your products directly to Chinese consumers, without the overhead costs and prohibitive time requirements of establishing a Chinese business.

The RooLife experience from the shopper’s perspective

  • Within the platform users will be exposed to a range of Australian products.
  • Each product has its own dedicated page, including photo library and in-depth product description.
  • Users select the product they want to purchase and pay via one of China’s most popular payment methods: WeChat, AliPay or UnionPay.
  • Using a state-of-the-art AI system, RooLife collects data across its marketplace stores in order to measure and analyse customer activities and behaviours.
  • This data is used to offer a more personalized customer experience.

    Diagou shopping partnerships

    Daigou in Australia is a form of cross-border exporting in which an individual or a group of exporters purchases commodities for customers in China. RooLife offers cost-effective Diagou shopping partnerships to Chineseliving in or visiting Australia, wanting to send goods back to China. This connects Chinese tourists in Australia to Australian brands and allows Australian brands to get exposure in China and build brand awareness.

    RooLife has two distribution channels:


    Australian companies with ambitions of selling to the Chinese can trust RooLife to facilitate all the paperwork, trademark and government requirements when it comes to exports. RooLife manages all stages in the direct Australia-China shipment cycle, which includes:

    1. Overseas Merchant
    2. Overseas Warehouse
    3. Air Freight
    4. Custom Clearance
    5. Shipping
    6. Customer


    RooLife procures inventory directly from Australian companies and stocks it in bonded warehouses in China. This means that we can provide lower prices, faster delivery times, and a better customer experience to Chinese customers shopping from within Australia.

    1. Overseas Merchant
    2. Air Freight
    3. China Branded Zone Warehouse
    4. Custom Clearance
    5. Shipping
    6. Customer